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Hozo Interior Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. As the home of a family of four, this house is customized to create four styles that fit the personalities and lifestyles of the family members.

We integrate completely different styles while accenting their characteristics. We put a focus on the styles by using bold and vibrant colors and patterns. Without over-focusing on little details, each style sticks to only one or two colors. For example, the southern French style adheres to aqua and floral patterns, while the vintage style combines green and the grain of wood. In the shared public area, earth tones and curves are used to accommodate different personalities and style preferences.


To expand the aesthetics of the building, interior design techniques are adopted to define the spatial expression through material and detail changes after the structure of the self-built project takes shape, tailoring each bedroom to the preferred style of each family member. This house is like a family B&B with four bedroom styles, namely the American, southern French, vintage and loft style. Outlining the personality of individual members in the family, these styles are incredibly unique in their own ways while blending with one another creatively. Prolonged tables and chairs are placed in the living room as well the dining and kitchen area to allow for more regular interactions and increased diversity in life when the whole family is working, dining, and cooking.

Form & Function

With a design based on the concept of forestation, the shared area features light wood curves symbolizing flowing water and rounded furniture illustrating maternal acceptance, creating a simple and comfortable atmosphere with unrestrained lines. The wall grazer light behind the dining table and the translucent glass door in the middle of the shared area blur the sense of boundary using lights and shadows, implying that the family is linked by blood.
Although the grown-up children come and go like the lights and shadows as time goes, their home always waits for their return.

Differentiation & challenge

Instead of having the same style on a single floor, four styles that meet the personalities and needs of the users are created in the private area based on a modular design, with similarities and differences between one another. For example, all bedrooms are marked by a TV wall that separates the sleeping area and the walk-in closet, indicating that equal resources and conditions are provided for all members in the family to enable the children to be themselves. The four unique atmospheres are melded into one that the whole family can accept and adapt to in the shared area, demonstrating the positive parenting and cohesion of the family.

Impact & Sustainability

To protect the health of the family both during the construction and in daily life, low formaldehyde materials have been used to prevent poisonous substances from causing impact on the environment. Moreover, in order to reduce visual complexity in the sleeping area, some cabinets are closed with doors in the walk-in closet, making the closet facing the bed look simpler and cleaner. The other cabinets are open to ensure easy access in daily life while saving materials. The walk-in closet is also connected to the bathroom to not only allow for more convenient access and better privacy, but also prevent moisture from the wet area of the bathroom from entering the sleeping area and thereby save electricity.

Project Details
Hozo Interior Design

Chang Yi Sheng

Project Name
Life in Xionglin

World Design Awards Category
Private Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Chang Yi Sheng


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©Chang Yi Sheng

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