Long March Digital Science And Art Museum | China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. | Architect of the Year Awards 2021

China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2021. The Long March is an extraordinary strategic retreat by the Chinese Red Army, from southeast China to the northwest. Our project is located in Guizhou Province, where the most important events during the Long March, such as the four Chishui River crossings took place. It is designed to deliver the history stories to the world, by contemporary art show of advanced technology of video and audio.

Following the newest design concept of performance architecture design, IPPR, the architecture creational team, collaborated closely with Blackbow, the content director team of the museum, creating a deep fusion between content design and architectural space.

The concept of the design comes from a metaphor by Wei Wei, a Chinese author, that the Long March is the Red Ribbon on the Earth. Taking advantage of the site’s height difference of 20 meters, the building is designed as a landscape, connected to the hills and the protected forest in the site. The main volume is formed into curvy shapes, representing the Ribbon, and roots itself on the earth.

In the center of the building, the Plaza of Flame is designed, and a series of scenes are designed around the Plaza, making the performance a deep immersion. The visitors go through a curvy path enclosed by the ribbon, which represents the difficulties at the start of the Long March. Then the six immersive performance halls of ‘Prologue’, ‘Showers of Blood and Fire’, ‘The Great Turning Point’, ‘Rough Journey’, ‘Milestone of Victory’, and ‘The New Era and a New Long March’ is experienced, making a playback of the unprecedented epic. When the show reaches its climax, the flame will be seen, through the skin of the Ribbon, as a prairie fire.

The planted roof designed reduces heat exchange of the roof, lowering energy consumed during operation, and adds vegetation in the site, reducing carbon emission. Also, as a green-building method, the glass curtain wall area in the southeast part of the building is designed with vertical and diagonal louvres, which can help to lower the need of air conditioning.

Project Details
China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Name
Long March Digital Science And Art Museum

China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Cultural Concept

Project Location
Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

Sun Zonglie, Li Kai, Zhu Yilei, Zhai Yu, Yuan Yun, Liu Yuanyuan, Cai Chen, Yan Song, Huo Xudong, Zhao Bin


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©China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.

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