Private Residence/B&B Mixed residence /FuJian/China | Shanghai Leiad Studio | Architect of the Year Awards 2021

Shanghai Leiad Studio.: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2021. This residence has a certain particularity. Because the owner hopes to have the commercial function of a homestay while ensuring privacy.

We believe that. Regardless of the purpose and use. The purpose of the house is the same. That is to provide the poetry of life.

 Whether for the host or the guest. We all hope that they can feel and enjoy the joy of life at the same time. Therefore, we separate the host’s private residence from the homestay area, and these two areas meet in a shared space. Increase the possibility of communication and coexistence. We call this space “the place where poetry meets”

Project Details
Shanghai Leiad Studio

Project Name
Private Residence/B&B Mixed residence /FuJian/China

Cao Xiao

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Residential Concept

Project Location

Cao Xiao,Wu Chenwei,Zhou Minjie


Photography ©Credit
©Cao Xiao

We are a young team that is still in a difficult start-up period. In the more than one year since its establishment, most of our project types have come from collaborative projects between large companies and design institutes. Regardless of the size of the scheme, we hope to show our design thinking and ability as much as possible, and strive to seek opportunities. Fortunately, in 2020, we finally got a project commission that can implement the design concept and can be implemented. In the future, we hope to keep some good works and make this small team truly mature and more possible.