Luxe Master Bedroom by Casa Vilora Interiors | World Design Awards 2020

Casa Vilora Interiors: Second Award of World Design Awards 2020. We wanted to create a master retreat that was bold and beautiful, yet still serene, relaxing and luxurious.

We started by changing the builder basic layout allowing for the shower to be larger with a built-in bench, and for the bath tub to be the focal point of the room.

We combined classic elegance with an eclectic blend of pattern mixing and various textures. The classic moldings on the walls and ceilings were added for their timelessness, and the combination of the black and white geometric pattern of the tile floor, mixed with the marble-like pattern of the porcelain shower slab walls and the beautiful tropical inspired wallpaper creates that eclectic pattern mix.

Of course, we love to incorporate natural elements, and the custom vanity with the beautiful natural walnut wood grain adds some warmth, depth and a subtle contrast to the space.

The result is a stunning master retreat with all the features of a luxurious world class spa.

Firm: Casa Vilora Interiors
Architect: Veronica Solomon
Category: Residential Interior Built

Project Location: Katy, Texas
Team: Veronica Solomon
Country: United States
Photography ©Credit: Casa Vilora Interiors

Pronounced – VI-LOW-RA. Casa Vilora is named after Veronica’s middle name “Vilora”, derived from her paternal grandmother’s name “Tilora”

Our design aesthetic can be summed up as eclectic, classic, bold, whimsical and timeless. The spaces we create are known for their eclectic vibe and masterful use of color, pattern mix and textures.

They are multi-layered and collected, blending classic with modern, old with new, high with low and bold use of color, pattern, texture in ways that excite.

We believe that each space should tell the story of the people who live there and should be their ideal version of luxurious living; whatever luxury means to them.