Luxury Style Penthouses Interior Design – Alma Hotel | Noblesse Group International | World Design Awards 2021

Noblesse Group International.: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. We are happy to present you two of our recent projects – Luxury style interior design of two beautiful penthouses from a seaside resort, named Alma.

The interweaving of art with the passion for an authentic and beautiful lifestyle is the foundation of this Luxury Penthouses Interior Design project.

Our designers have opted for a contemporary luxury design with boho chic and Mediterranean accents inspired by the beach and the sea.


For the first penthouse, the color palette chosen contains natural tones of light brown, beige blue and a touch of coral.

The living room and the kitchen are located on the ground floor of the penthouse and are communing with each other through wood and stone finishes, perfectly combined to obtain an airy place that exudes warmth and comfort.

On the next floor, there is the dining area, a cozy space at first sight that hides elements you find in the sea: corals and shells. The interior decorations were chosen to reveal the unique beauty found in the depths of the salt waters that no sea lover can resist! The icing on the cake is the lighting fixture that perfectly mimics the shape of a seashell, followed by coral-shaped flower vases.

The bedroom is located on the top floor of the penthouse, being also the piece of resistance that conquers the eyes through contemporary interior design but also through the simple chromatic of gray, brown and blue. Three complementary colors that give a luxurious air to any room, along with an elegant touch obtained through the golden-bronze inserts of the furniture.

The bathroom integrates perfectly in the concept through the minimalist design, by combining the white of the sea foam with shades of blue and brown. The products used in this luxury style interior design project are part of the Noblesse Group portfolio.


Noblesse team reduced the whole concept of the penthouse to one key word: evocative! The whole space had to be expressive, nuanced, pregnant and significant.

The space is grandiose due to the height of the open living room and the spiral staircase, two elements that represented the starting point to establish the concept of penthouse interior design. We introduced natural elements, warm colors, materials and textures inspired by nature to make the transition from outside to inside.

The carpet and the cladding with marble finish are inspired by the sea waves. The textile wallpaper reproduces the color of the sand at sunset, and the furniture is elegant, subtle and refined

In contrast, nature also has its raw, unfinished elements. So, we introduced decorative elements in their natural state, concluding with a coffee table made from an unfinished, completely raw tree trunk.

Keeping the concept proposed by the Noblesse Group designers, we moved from day to night in the bedroom. Here, the sea becomes darker in color, rendered by the shade of navy blue behind the bed. Contemporary luxury furniture and bronze details continue the elegant and refined line of the contemporary interior design concept.

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Luxury Style Penthouses Interior Design – Alma Hotel 

Noblesse Group International

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