Mobile House | ARD-group | International Architecture Awards 2019

This design gives solution of the following basic tasks:

1- availability of maximum possible living volume inside the house with the minimum housedimensions during transportation;

2 – possibility of transportation of the house basic elements by common transport;

3 – availability of different functional zones for comfortable living and work, namely: a hall, a kitchen/dining-room, a sitting-room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a boardroom, a laboratory and another.

For finding solutions of these tasks the house was divided into two basic elements:

– a wall panel block,

– a bearing frame with supports.

The wall panel block consists of several panels; their sizes are chosen in such a way, that for transportation purpose they can slide inside each other, which will also give possibility to change the house dimensions in the course of living. Geometrical shape of the wall panel can be different: oval, rectangular, trapezoid. The wall panel consists of a light aluminums framework with elements of dead and transparent infill. Glass packs of bent and rectilinear shape are used as transparent infill. The wall panels have a form of an arch; the external panel, which is the largest one, has a horizontal platform at the bottom, on which smaller panels rest.

In the butt-ends of the smallest wall panels there are external stained-glass windows.

The house is transported to the place of installation by a trailer, the house bearing framework put on wheels can serve as a platform under the wall panel blocks. Installation of the houses starts from installation of the bearing framework. Telescopic supports of the framework make it possible to install the house on any surface. Then a block or blocks of wall panels are installed in the center of the framework (depending on the option), if there are two of them, they are fixed along at the butt-ends. Internal panels slide out of the external panel with the help of rollers on the panel supporting parts and rails on the bearing framework. After the panels have slid out, they are fastened to each other. The floor panels are laid and engineering equipment is mounted.

The house is ready for running. Welcome!

Architect: ARD-group
3rd Award – Category: Housing (Concept)
Project Location: Without a specific location
Country: Italy