3.0 Smart HUB Nursery School | Design studio of W.P.I.P. | International Architecture Awards 2019

Project of 3.0 Smart HUB Nursery School – fusion of newest architecture, learning environment, nature and gathering point for the local community.

Preschool kitchen-hub will enable to prepare 3,500 high-quality meals per day, based on a macrobiotic and special diets, for adjacent nurseryschools, schools, seniors benefitting from the municipal scheme (ordering meals in the mobile app).

In the afternoon, the nursery school will turn into the playground and club house for children from the surrounding areas. Besides the basic care and animation activities for children, there are plans to offer many special activities, including learning foreign languages, playing instruments, dancing, arts and sports.

Project of building: preschool’s units are gathered around a green atrium with en enter to the roof and a direct access to the nurseryschool garden. Usable roof has a sensory playground, an oval track, a nature observatory, educational stations, a garden for growing herbs and vegetables, a climbing wall and a recreation area. The roof has an access also for physically handicapped children.

Architect: Design studio of W.P.I.P.
Winner – Category: Institutional
Project Location: Wroclaw
Project Team: Piotr Kruszyński
Country: Poland