Nanning No.3 High School | DC ALLIANCE | World Design Awards 2023

DC ALLIANCE: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project is located in Nanning City’s Jiangnan District, on the Nanhua plot, with well-developed supporting resources in the vicinity. To the west of the site lies the Jiangnan Park, offering abundant scenic resources.

The architectural design features a white tone as its foundation, with functional blocks interconnected by vibrant brick-red “energetic loops”. These loops, extending from the second floor, along with rooftop gardens and sports facilities, constitute the “recreational loop” and the “sports loop”, collectively forming a multi-dimensional “dynamic loop”. Incorporating the form of Guangxi’s distinctive academies, several thematic courtyards are arranged through landscape and architectural layout, providing ample activity spaces for students during their leisure time. The inclined cutting technique is applied to the energetic loops, enhancing their distinctiveness and enriching facade details, thereby elevating the overall architectural quality. Simultaneously, various public spaces are designed to cater to different groups, such as students, teachers, and parents, in order to fulfill their diverse experiential needs within the campus.

Project Details


Project Name
Nanning No.3 High School

World Design Awards Category
Educational Design

Project Location

Yi Dong, Chunwei Zhang, Yongjin Zeng, Zhongyi Han


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Established in Shanghai in 2000, DC Alliance has achieved remarkable success in developing its business in China. DC Alliance has pursued architectural practicality, spatial fairness, and cultural heritage. It has remained committed to the dual tracks of commercial value and academic innovation, carving out its own path amidst the changing times.

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