Natura Lake | Noblesse Group International | World Design Awards 2021

Noblesse Group International: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. This Natura Lake Restaurant – Modern Restaurant Design project is part of a retreat located on the shores of Salted Lake, a positioning that inspired us for choosing the theme from nature, in agreement with the beneficiary.

The development of the restaurant design concept started with detailed discussions with the beneficiary to establish the client’s profile, the functionality of the space, the choice of style, but also the colors and materials preferred by him.

As the name Natura Lake says, it is inspired by the nature, specific to a lake rich in flora and fauna, captured in translucent tones of light blue, green and cream.

The space was designed in modern style with art deco accents that gives the space a fresh touch.

Our selection of horeca furniture, was made from our large furniture portfolio which helped us to propose the most suitable horeca chairs and tables with central leg and countertop that can be easily disassembled and even replaced with another larger diameter countertop that allows the creation of different set-ups, depending on the specifics of the event.

Perimeter, we opted for the velvet horeca sofas that offer the elegance desired to be impregnated in this modern restaurant interior design concept, but with luxury accents inspired by the art deco style.

Lighting is a basic and important element in any restaurant interior design project, as is the case of Natura Lake restaurant, the Noblesse interior design team aimed to create architectural accents that contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of this place.

Several collections of modern lighting fixtures from the Noblesse Group portfolio are used to give different accents in the main areas of the restaurant. Thus, in the area of ​​the sofas, we used lighting fixtures that simulate the slender silhouette of some light spheres, gravitating over the tables with an open ash top.

In the center of the restaurant you can easily observe the white birds, made from glass, obtaining a surprising visual impact, almost unreal, especially at night.

For the bar, our team choose to cover it with gold and white mosaic ceramics, because they wanted to be a surprising element of the restaurant.

The design of the stage is a vital one in the design of the event room, being perhaps the most important point of attraction of the space. And in this case, as in other event hall projects, we created the scenography necessary for a maximum attraction effect. The chosen wallpaper that is part of the restaurant’s theme about nature on the lake shores, attracts attention through the warm colors of light blue, cream tones and pale green, presenting a lush world of vegetation and fauna.

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Noblesse Group International

Project Name
Natura Lake

Noblesse Group International

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Hospitality Concept

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Loredana Preda, Alessandro Lusito


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