No. 1 Courtyard | HUGE ROCK DESIGN | World Design Awards 2022

HUGE ROCK DESIGN: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Located in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, China, No. 1 courtyard is the first place to shine the first rays of dawn in the new millennium and new century in Chinese Mainland. The designer takes this as a source of inspiration, skillfully introduces natural light into the interior, strengthens the connection between indoor space and nature, and the atmosphere of the two is harmonious and harmonious, creating a peaceful and quiet space.

At the same time, the designer also adopted the design element of “Fish splashing in the water”. Smart fish play on the lake, and a circle of beautiful ripples appear on the lake. This design method emphasizes the connection between the indoor environment and nature.

Designers respect local culture and natural environment, return to nature and purity with simple skills, and arouse people’s thinking and attention to the natural environment.

Project Details

Wu Wenli

Project Name
No. 1 courtyard

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
ZheJiang, WenLing

Wu Wenli


Photography ©Credit

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