No. 9 Mansion | Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. No.9 Mansion is located in the urban landscape of Shenzhen, with a beautiful ecological and natural environment. The “Garden” is a Chinese garden. With the language of Lingnan garden, DaE design spreads the unique Chinese courtyard complex in the space, and breaks the tradition with the modern form of geometric language of landscaping. We insist on the integration of indoor environmental protection and ecological environment, build the space in a natural way, feel the residence in a garden way, let people feel the leisure and quietness of returning to the mountain life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and create a way of life that enjoys a balance between material and spiritual.

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Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Raynon Chiu

Project Name
No. 9 Mansion

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Interior Concept

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Raynon Chiu


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About Shenzhen DaE Interior Design Co., Ltd.

DaE Design was founded in 2005, aiming at becoming a design platform for excellent international interior designers to work together, driving the continuous progress of design concepts through information interaction and always maintaining design innovation and vitality.

We have witnessed the vigorous development of the industry, persisted in the initial intention and continued to create an industry example with great forward-looking and market value for customers As always, we uphold the core concept of “original design” and design for each like-minded owner with the service ecology of “original design plate specialization”, which accurately interprets Dayi’s unswerving pursuit in design career and its commitment to be responsible for every customer.