Zhanjiang Prefabricated and Steel Structure High-rise Social Housing | The Institute of Architectural Design & Research Shenzhen University | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

The Institute of Architectural Design & Research Shenzhen University: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. As one of the key livelihood projects in Zhanjiang, this project aims to meet the housing needs of local workers with low and middle incomes, for example, cleaners and bus drivers, provides high-quality social housing, improves their living environment, contributes to their happiness, and promotes social fairness.

The planning land area of this project is 24885 ㎡, while the total construction area is 72958 ㎡. It contains complete functional facilities, including three high-rise residential buildings, podium houses for business, service facilities, etc. The residential part are mainly small and medium-sized units that fully improve natural ventilation and introduce much sunlight, the landscape outside windows is also well considered. Different units can be combined flexibly, so the community becomes more diverse and efficient. For structural scheme, the project adopts prefabricated components with steel structure, which meets the requirements of green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental friendly, and broadcasts the concept of life cycle and sustainability. Meanwhile, this project is one of Guangdong Province’s important pilot projects in prefabricated steel structure housing field.

Project Details
The Institute of Architectural Design & Research Shenzhen University

Cai Ruiding

Project Name
Zhanjiang Prefabricated and Steel Structure High-rise Social Housing

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Multi-Family

Project Location
Zhanjiang, Guangdong

Cai Ruiding , Ma Yue , Liu Chang , Zhang Jian , Fan Yue , Li He , Han Guoyuan , Lan Shaoqing ,Yao Yuan , Chen Jingwen , Li Xiaobo , He Weiyong , Xu Bin , Qiu Songming , Hou Jian , Wu Zirong , Yan Runfeng , Tang Jin


Photography ©Credit
©Wu Qingshan

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