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Cube Consultants: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Nut Tower stands proudly within the burgeoning landscape of the New Administrative City in Cairo, Egypt. This architectural marvel graces the heart of this modern metropolis, a testament to the nation’s vision for the future. With its strategic location, it serves as a beacon of progress and innovation, overlooking the bustling streets and avenues of this rapidly evolving urban center. Surrounded by contemporary infrastructure and cutting-edge amenities, Nut Tower embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity, harmonizing Egypt’s rich heritage with its ambitions for a brighter tomorrow. This iconic landmark symbolizes the nation’s commitment to growth and development, offering a glimpse into the promising horizon of Cairo’s future.


The two towers were formed through six pairs of wings, symbolizing the three ideals and human values: truth, goodness, and beauty, since the inception of their journey in ancient Egyptian civilization. Additionally, the building is also constructed in an abstract form representing the wing of Horus, which symbolizes goodness and justice.

The Podium of Nut was formed through seven buildings representing the seven pillars of the Egyptian character. They are considered the cultural roots of the Egyptian identity and the launchpad for the future.

The Seven Pillars

The seven pillars at the podium are strategically spaced, allowing the radiant sun to permeate the structure and establish a profound connection with the solar alignment at the podium. This ingenious design not only invites natural light to fill the space but also creates a deeply spiritual ambiance within the podium.

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Cube Consultants & ARCHPLAN

Ashraf Abdel Mohsen

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Nut Tower

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Cube Consultants & ARCHPLAN


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CUBE CONSULTANTS, founded in 1990 by Professor Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, has a specialized focus on sustainable urban expansion that adheres to international standards. Driven by his passion for the field, Abdel Mohsen carefully selected a team of skilled designers and creatives to collaborate closely on projects, bringing unique visions to fruition. Abdel Mohsen’s visionary plan named Cairo 2050, aimed to enhance the urban quality of Cairo, Egypt.

As a founding member of the 5+ Urban Development Consortium, Abdel Mohsen played a crucial role in the planning of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. At Cube Consultants, we have a proven record of accomplishment of successfully executing projects across various sectors, including the ability to create visions and undertake mega-scale master planning.

At the heart of cube consultants, lies several talented designers as well as creatives who work closely with one another in order to create and implement unique visions across Egypt.

Abdel Mohsen is currently working on reviving Ancient Egyptian roots and applying various historical concepts into the field of urban and architectural design. He created “Tutera” in order to study the designs and inspiration behind ancient Egypt’s symbolic creations, while reformulating these concepts in a contemporary unique manner.

ARCHPLAN Is a multidisciplinary engineering firm formed in Cairo in 1985 by Prof. Dr. Ayman Ashour. – Minister of Higher Education & Professor of architecture and planning, Ain Shams University is considered a pioneer in the field of urban development to which his credentials and contributions are clearly reflected in the projects completed and the list of awards received from several governmental and scientific authorities.

In 1985 Prof. Ashour decided to establish Engineering Bureau for Architecture & Planning (ARCHPLAN) as an Egyptian consultancy office offering services in city planning, architecture design and integrated engineering consultancy. The office began to provide its services with a team of only four engineers.

Since then and till the year 2000 the office won several design competitions and was entrusted with several projects while the number of team grew to 20 architect, urban planner and civil engineers. Numerous high-profile projects and experience in a wide range of technical engineering services lead to the rapid growth of the firm which has become one of the largest consultancy firms in the MENA region With more than 150 professional expertise in city planning, urban upgrade , urban design and architectural design providing a wide range of integrated Engineering consultancy services.