XIAOOU DESIGN OFFICE: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. “Under the moon in the mountain, a clear view unveils on Spring Patio.” In Taikoo Li Sanlitun, the renowned bustling commercial street in Beijing, we found a spot in the far-right side of the business district, and separated it from the main street, shielding amounts of buzz out.

Through the whole design process, we have encountered many difficulties. Whether it is because of the demand adjustment of the property owner or the strong intervention of the property manager, we have created many possibilities for the design of the space.

In order to create an “under the moon in the mountain” view in the city, and so that customers can have a feeling of avoiding dust within the space, we’ve thought through the spatial structure and decided to strengthen the spatial depth, and the light and shadow effect to enhance its spaciousness. Above the cross structure, we made a sloping ceiling which creates a full moon with warm light film and naturally drives the sight up, and looks just like moonlight streaming down.

At the other end of the hall, a piece of turquoise looked towards the full moon.The glass curtain wall above introduces strong outdoor light, pouring on this green piece. Behind the hall, next to the kitchen, a long and narrow staircase leads to the wine storage area. Here, you can not only see the full moon up close and overlook the hall as if you were on the top of the mountain, more interestingly, the slope is designed upwards to the fourth-floor terrace.

Sometimes, space needs to be connected, and sometimes hidden. Opposite to the full moon, there’s a long and narrow path that leads to the bar area.The space under the full moon and inside the columns, faces directly to the kitchen and the path leading to the bar. We set up a screen here, which can be opened or closed depending on demands, so that guests will not be disturbed by the crowds of people during their dining.

As of colors, we used a low-key cement gray and matched it with a rustic wood color. The windows and curtain walls are made of brown frosted translucent material to filter out strong light and create a hazy atmosphere. Given that the natural light is already bright enough, we added some indirect lights as supplementary light source.

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Restaurant Interior Built

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Beijing, China



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©Zhe Guo

I always believe that good design speaks for itself. I graduated from Milan POLI . Dsesign Interior Design, and I am concentrated in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu. I always try to explore the unique attributes and potential from clients, commercial business, site environment and product categories, and try to create differentiated spaces that meet the basic needs, striving for the perfect combination of business and design aesthetics.