Observation Deck in Suxianling | Yang Ying Design Studio of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd | World Design Awards 2023

Yang Ying Design Studio of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project was constructed to enhance the existing mountain hiking trail, providing a free intermediate service station for citizens engaged in mountain climbing and leisurely sightseeing, aiming to improve the overall quality of life and leisure activities for the residents.

The project includes hiking trails, observation platforms, tea rooms and a coffee bar.

The overall architectural form draws inspiration from Chinese calligraphy, specifically the cursive script character “仙” (immortal), which is interpreted to reflect the inherent logic of the original mountain terrain and architectural space relationships. The design utilizes the spatial transformation principles of stoppage, rotation, folding, and stacking from Chinese calligraphic forms, creating a dynamic relationship between the observation deck and the environment. Linear spaces combine to form a free-flowing spatial experience. The hiking trail employs a cantilevered structural form, fully leveraging the flexibility and versatility of steel structures, allowing the observation deck to gracefully float above the mountain ridge while coexisting with the ancient pathway below, offering multiple route options for citizens and tourists. The panoramic and multi-angled views provide different perspectives and psychological experiences.

The use of transparent glass materials and local coarse gravel creates distinct spatial intentions. The suspended composite steel and glass structure is covered with sun-shading glass, effectively breaking down swirling mountain winds, allowing uniform air circulation indoors. The observation deck’s perimeter walls are constructed from local gravel and construction waste, following a simple and low-carbon approach, harmoniously integrated with the glass structure. The integrated design of the observation deck, interior, lighting, landscaping, and equipment results in an overall architectural style that appears light, clean, bright, and transparent, with a natural and rustic touch.

The overall architectural environment organically blends with the surroundings, creating a spatial scene where the city, nature, architecture, and mountains coexist in harmony, embodying a contextual observation deck with a sense of modernity, regionalism, and poetry.

Project Details
Yang Ying Design Studio of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd


Project Name
Observation Deck in Suxianling

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design

Project Location
Suxianling Scenic Spot, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, China

Yang Ying


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