Oriental One | SHANGHAI ZF ARCHITECTS | World Design Awards 2023

SHANGHAI ZF ARCHITECTS: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2023. The project is located in Jing ‘an District, Shanghai. It is jointly presented by architect Richard Rogers and Shanghai ZF Architecture. We hope to create a diverse, colorful, free-growing and multi-business integrated international art residential community in Shanghai, rather than just a mansion.

In terms of planning strategy, the urban texture derives the community structure, drawing the east and west plots together across the street.

On the main urban interface, the tower falls to the ground and is located on the first level, with the podium retreating to the inside of the tower, allowing the street facade to display a paragraph rhythm, and the public interface to form a concave and convex pocket space.

In order to create a harmonious residential area, emphasizing the harmony between the building and the people and the permanence of the building, the design forgoes commercial maximization and fanned out along the central garden, with ten towers arranged high and low.

At a height of about 9.5 meters, the architects designed a vibrant hanging garden corridor that connects all the towers to the club, making life efficient and convenient, creating a green landscape interface that we often refer to as walking-scale accessibility.

The architect’s concept of ‘flexible space’, ‘air flow’ and ‘shared landscape’ will play a great role in the harmonious community.

The design of the interior courtyard adopts the zigzagging landscape moving line to create a natural true interest unique to modern Oriental gardens, secluded and serene.

The tower adopts the “double cross” structure design, cleverly separating the load-bearing structure, allowing the interior space to reach the “column-free” state, completely releasing the inner space of the building. The architect uses the permeability and brightness of glass to integrate the inside and outside, creating a calm and simple spiritual experience for the peace.

Oriental One is a project of innovative integration of Shanghai culture and high-tech architecture style.

The owner’s meticulous implementation of new building technology, material process and construction, and design quality control of all aspects of Shanghai ZF Architecture building from scheme coordination to construction drawing design, the No.1 Zhongxing Road has become a benchmarking new community in the core housing field of downtown Shanghai after delivery.

Project Details


Project Name
Oriental One

World Design Awards Category
Residential Built

Project Location
Shanghai, china

Ye Lin, Wang Jingwei, Yang Long


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©LIang Shan

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