Originating from Nature, Returning to the Truth | ACE DESIGN | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

ACE DESIGN: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. What an ideal “home” should look like, invisible, lingering and illusory all the time… let people imagine. Since ancient times, the appearance of “home” has been growing up with us and with designers. One thing is certain: “Home” must keep us away from the hustle and bustle and the mundane “noise”, it can slow down our daily life, and let us, who are already physically and mentally exhausted and scarred in the social struggle, escape for a while. , to return to innocence and purity, to embrace nature, to suck the fragrance of flowers, and to enjoy childlike and family relationships. This is the true nature of human nature.

Balance and freedom of spatial relationships in family life

In the design of this 800-square-meter villa, the ACE team led by Xie Hui abandoned the labeling of “form”, so that the moving lines of life flow as clear as “the confluence of small streams”, so that home life can be soaked in a fun atmosphere , was inspired. Without making structural changes to the space temperament, the designer boldly gave the original largest floor space to children and parents, forming a warm gathering place for the entire villa space. Using the elevated space on the first floor and the inward corridor on the second floor, the first floor and the second floor are connected by an arc-shaped dome by means of interior construction. Without the rigid limitations of the facade, the space becomes lively, light, interesting and full of innocence. Let the breath of “freedom” flow, slowly and silently, and the “interactivity” of family life spreads in the densely occupied space. Touching may occur in the family waiting for each other in the same room, in a photo at the corner or between the cushions and toys placed randomly, or in the encounter in a corner, innocence and maturity pay attention in their respective lives, Blending and balance outlines the outline of home life and beauty, and also responds to the harmony and beauty of three generations living together.

Design Ideas of “Hermitage in the City”

The slide and tree house in the garden are specially built for the owner’s three children. Freedom and innocence permeate the interior through the gentle breeze. The banana leaves on the restaurant wall are matched with the clever lamps and lanterns. Modern paintings and traditional door god New Year paintings are juxtaposed. , there is no conflict but there is a sense of humor and warmth. Designers use eclectic soft accessories to be natural and elegant. Behind the seemingly casual aesthetic, there is a nostalgia for nature and the past.  No matter what their feelings and original intentions are, after all, the owner stands in the world as a social person, and must have an intersection with the society. In order to prevent the owner’s social identity and social interaction from affecting the family life, the original dark negative floor was liberated, and sunlight and courtyards were reintroduced. The designer used the same free method to transform the negative floor into a free space for gathering with friends or getting along with yourself, making the whole negative floor full of vitality and vitality, separated from other spaces on the first floor, without affecting each other .  Accompanied by the sound of cars returning home and the footsteps of visitors, two living rooms and wine tasting areas are set up on the negative floor. The aisle stretches and cleverly avoids the door that serves the guests and staff privately, and the space becomes quiet. , Atmospheric and pleasant.

Freedom and innocence In the design of the whole villa, the designer uses breath and sight to penetrate, so that the integrity of the space can be cared for in the loose eyes and the graceful wandering of time. Space rhyme, this villa is designed like steel in cotton, interesting and stylish, after skillfully getting rid of the shackles of “style”, let us feel the freedom and innocence of life. Feeling the meaning of life is between staying away from the hustle and bustle and pursuing fun, and between the pursuit of balance and texture.

Project Details

Hui Xie

Project Name
Originating from Nature, Returning to the Truth

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Hui Xie, Qilang Wang, Subing Zhao


Photography ©Credit
©Xiang Ao, Xiaoyan Liu

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