Phoenix Mansion, Kunming | GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The project is one of the residential properties of the “Phoenix Mansion” series developed by Greentown. It’s located in Shuangta Area, a core comprehensive and dynamic development zone of Kunming City. Going beyond the definition of residence, the project explores the relationship between dwellings and city in a modern urban context, to build connection and evoke resonance. Through innovative planning and positioning, it conveys openness, diversity, boundlessness and fashion, which echoes with the spiritual core of Kunming.

Inheriting the typical practice of Greentown’s property developments, the project is master-planned based on a central symmetrical axis and forms a large-scale central garden. The spatial layout takes into consideration the integration of diversified functions, the demands of all age groups, and the whole lifecycle. It focuses on expressing life scenes and humanistic spirit, to integrate architecture into daily life and create magnificent, exquisite spatial experiences. The project also includes many supporting commercial facilities. It breaks with the traditional arrangement of ground-floor commercial facilities that generates a strong sense of enclosure, in order to blur the boundary between the community and the city, and to realize the vision of “City serves life”. Based on the favorable landscape resources, the project adopts the concept of “Boundlessness”, and a spatial mode of “LDKS-B” for apartments, to blur the boundary between the interior and the outside. Various unique functional spaces, such as large-scale living room, kitchen that stimulates interaction, and balcony that provides an open view, are organized in each luxury apartment. The architecture is turned into a medium that allows for integration between space and urban landscape. Through creating an interactive, open and variable living environment, the project brings a new lifestyle to the city.

Project Details

Zhu Peidong

Project Name
Phoenix Mansion, Kunming

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location

Zhu Peidong


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