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CHUN-ZHU Construction Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The site was an old paper mill belonging to Taiwan Sugar Corp (Taisugar), which has a history of over 50 years. The government hopes that part of the site can be transformed into a county park for local people’s recreation. The design team analyzed the site and planned the park with the specifications of a county park. They reconfigured the route based on Pingtung County’s unique water resources and added the image of local agricultural products as highlights within the park. The project aims to link the characteristics and culture of Pingtung County and create an inclusive playground for family entertainment and relaxation.

  • Pingtung County outlined by water.

     Pingtung County is in the Pacific seismic zone, with steep slopes and fast-flowing rivers, and has abundant water resources. The park is outlined by the topography of Pingtung County with six major areas, including the Water Mist Forest Area and the Phytoncine Fitness Area in the high mountains, the Mountain King Area and the Little Wild Man Area in the hills, and the Pavement Farmland Area and the Multipurpose Turf Area in the flatlands. Each area has interactive facilities with water. The design team arranged the design with the same amount of water as the mountains so that children can run and play in the mini Pingtung County.

  • A variety of agricultural products in Pingtung County

     There are onions, lemons, and red beans in the park, and these three agricultural products are the pride of Pingtung. The onions grown in Checheng have a sweet taste due to the strong winds that blow day and night. The design team integrates onions with slides to create a fun scene of onion farming. Moreover, many plants that can emit the smell of lemon are planted in the sensory experience area, and people are encouraged to touch them with their hands and inhale them with their noses to feel the gift from the earth. On the other side, the red beans are combined with local historical stories. To reduce the infestation of rats in the red bean fields, farmers placed wooden piles in the fields for eagles to roost to realize the cycle of the biological chain. Therefore, in the garden, people can see the facilities that combine the wood pile and the red bean imagery.

The site was an old paper mill belonging to Taiwan Sugar Corp. (Taisugar) The project transforms part of the strip space into a park with a total area of 1.1 hectares. In line with the impression of Pingtung County, the project is themed on the local characteristics of Pingtung, such as agricultural specialties and water resources. The design team used a zoning plan to replicate the topography of Pingtung, with water as a gentle image connecting the past, present, and future of Pingtung County throughout the park.

   For amusement, the design team took the concept of local agricultural products to create amusement facilities with elements such as lemons, red beans, and onions, allowing children to strengthen their cultural awareness of Pingtung County through playing and sensory experiences. As for zoning, the project follows the topographic characteristics of Pingtung County, such as steep slopes and rushing rivers to create areas with different water volumes. The project aims to allow the public to learn about the geographical features of Pingtung County by observing the changes in water volume along the route from high to low or from low to high.

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CHUN-ZHU Construction Co.,Ltd

CHUN-ZHU Construction Co.,Ltd

Project Name
Pingtung’s Civic Park Inclusive Playground

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Urban Design Built

Project Location
Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan

CHUN-ZHU Construction, Phototroph Engineering Consultants, Pingtung County Government ,Department of Public Works


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©CHUN-ZHU Construction, Phototroph Engineering Consultants, Pingtung County Government ,Department of Public Works


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