Planet Pearl·Green Courtyard In The City Center | Shenzhen ArtHouse Interior Design Co.,Ltd | World Design Awards 2023

Shenzhen ArtHouse Interior Design Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Nature is both the creator of beauty and the guide of human aesthetic practice. It shows the rules and methods of artistic creation to human beings and points out the direction of artistic creation.In this case, the design uses Guangzhou’s thousands of years of humanistic heritage to carry out local aesthetic thinking.

The water, stone, wood, mountain and other design symbols extracted from the local seagull island are expressed through the poetic context in the image space, presenting the dwelling aesthetics of living in a corner and knowing the landscape.

The entire villa has four floors, the basement floor is composed of the reception area, bar area, tea room and piano performance area; the first floor mainly hosts the functions of family members interaction, reading and dining; the second floor is a private space, where family members bedrooms; the third level is a study/studio.

In the design concept at the beginning of the project, we intentionally opened the closed scene, brought the natural landscape of the outdoor courtyard into the interior, established a new order state that is open and not scattered, and completed the poetic fusion of man and nature.

Project Details
Shenzhen ArtHouse Interior Design Co.,Ltd

Shi Shaofen, He Suiying, Jiang Chengbing, Wang Hongwei

Project Name
Planet Pearl·Green Courtyard In The City Center

World Design Awards Category
Small Villa Built

Project Location
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Yao Xia


Photography ©Credit
©Li Jianchao

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