Poly • DreamWorks — Esports-themed Exhibition Center by Lonson Design | World Design Awards 2020

Lonson Design: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. Capture the tracks of urban development, and build a wisdom valley of future technology. Actively responding to the “culture-oriented” urban development concept, Poly Group (Southern China Region) supports the promising eSports industry and build an eSports-themed living, recreational and social space, where can help the young people to achieve their dreams. Poly · DreamWorks stands in Guangdong–Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area, putting on a fantasy show of the future technology in modern city.

Planet, universe, energy, order, future, ideal, homeland, those words come into our mind when we are entering the space. As participants of the spatial design, our mission is to convey those messages in a design language. After communicating with nature, architecture and viewers, we draw their inspiration to create an ideal kingdom associated with key words like universe, world, space and eSports.

Based on the imagination for the rising technologies of mobile games and eSports, the interior design team adopts the idea of cosmic space with planets as images, which triggers the consistency of architectural landscape design. With the theme of future technology, restoring a harmonious cosmic homeland is the mutual dream of the project while the interior display space is the epitome of the future homeland.

Based on the concept of an infinitely extended space intertwined with the virtual and reality, we deconstruct the layout of the entire space into a multidimensional universe that awaits exploration. Starting from the modern memories of eSports in the exhibition hall at the entrance, we are guided by the curiosity of exploring the unknown space world, wandering through different zones. With amazing experience of function, technology and art, we are exploring the order of the space just like tracing the orbit of planets. We utilize known material cognition to find the wonder of technology, the spirit of eSports and the charm of the space.

In the sand table area, the design takes advantages of the reflection of the sky and earth, the planet in pairs, the dynamic buoyancy balls that interpret space deconstruction and celestial movement and the alternative circular decoration and lighting far and near on the top of the space, so as to show its uniquity. The spheres at each spot form an invisible ring power that blurs the boundary and also magnifies the space unlimitedly. The linear relationship between spheres creates a picture of multi-dimensional space like a galaxy. Walking in the space, people can feel the power of infinite life and strong driving force as well as a rational order and satisfactory harmony, which is the very spirit of eSports.

The blue and silver colors applied in decoration mirror the mystery and fantasy of the universe. At the same time, the steel adornments floating in the space are embodied as the bridge connecting the city’s past and future, which join hands with tech decorations of crystal texture to roam in this 5G-powered blue space, bringing people to the future world.

Technology takes us to the vast universe filled with planets, light, life, youth, and ideals. And in return, we decorate the starry sky with happiness, courage and expectation by the artistic design.

The rabbit dolls with a strong sense of technology echo the moon-like artworks on the wall, as if the robot from the film 2046 is applying the language of another planet to relive the Chinese legend of the Goddess Chang’s Fly to the Moon, which is favored in our childhood.

At the end of the spiral staircase, a geometric picture carved out of modern materials leaps to your eyes. As you look up when walking, you are putting the technological beauty of future architecture into your arms.

Coupling with the concept of the starry universe, we advocate, concerning the decoration, to integrate the aesthetic inspiration of the whole space into soft light. With this effort, light can travel freely in the space that physical forms are weakened, just like Morse codes transmitted among glittering planets, hence delivering certain artistic and humanistic significance.

We expect that anyone who enters the space can truly liberate their sense perceptions. Also, led by light and shadow, they can stretch both their mind and body at ease and observe the change of the universe and the conservation of everything.

Firm: Lonson Design
Architect: Yuan Jing
Category: Commercial Interior Built

Project Location: Foshan
Team: Yuan Jing, Zhongjian
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: YAN MIN

Founded in 2005 and based in Shenzhen — known as an international creative capital, LONSON DESIGN is a professional interior design firm which works in a wide range of space projects and emphasizes the integrity of design works. 
LONSON DESIGN insists on an “Observation + System” concept. Through continuous practices in approaching diversified space typologies such as real estate developments, commercial spaces and private residences, it works to interpret the relationships between design and life, and to explore the balance between commerce and art.