Pvilion’s Lightweight Solar Canopy | Pvilion | World Design Awards 2023

Pvilion: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Pvilion’s Lightweight Solar Canopy serves as a temporary shade structure with a uniquely integrated solar powered fabric roof. While Pvilion offers a variety of permanent commercial solar powered structures, the Lightweight Solar Canopy stands out for beautiful, convenient, and easy to set-up and take-down design.

This particular application was designed for events held at a Brooklyn-based rooftop wine bar and vineyard. When erected in a space that receives plenty of sunlight, this canopy provides over 1000W of solar power. For events that require more shade and power, multiple canopies can be easily set up and connected.

Every canopy is completed with a portable battery kit attachment. The battery kits store the energy produced by the solar canopies and feature outlets that can be used for powering lighting, event equipment, phone charging stations, and more whenever it’s needed, day or night. These kits also replace the need for loud and polluting diesel generators for most temporary applications.

Ideal for outdoor booths, farmers markets, outdoor dining, and other temporary outdoor events, Pvilion’s Lightweight Solar Powered Canopy provides shelter for any occasion. It serves as a high-quality temporary shelter that is attractive, simple to use, and sustainable by design.

Project Details

Todd Dalland, Robert Lerner, and Colin Touhey

Project Name
Pvilion’s Lightweight Solar Canopy

World Design Awards Category
Temporary Structure

Project Location
Brooklyn, New York


United States

Photography ©Credit
©Christopher Fenimore

Pvilion’s products range from solar canopies, solar military tents, long span structures, solar powered charging stations to solar powered curtains, building facades, and clothing. What they do is simple in theory – they integrate solar cells with fabric and build fabric products that generate electricity.

Their mission is to make clean energy available in any setting – with a focus on quality, appearance, and flexibility. They are committed to building products that empower users in any location (no matter how remote), can solarize every inch of fabric that receives sunlight, provide essential power anywhere it’s needed, and eliminate the need for generators.