Qingdao CR Land · Yuefu Sales Center | CINDYJIN DESIGN | World Design Awards 2023

CINDYJIN DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project is located in Qingdao, China, with an area of 1113.5 sq.m. The reception hall benefits from high ceilings and openness, while the century-old oak welcome desk and translucent screen are full with stories, giving the area an air of nobility and solemnity. The corridor has a fluid and dynamic design, with metallic lighting adding a romantic ambiance.

In the sand table area, the openwork-shaped lamp resembles the exquisitely carved window paper-cut, adorning the furnishings while invoking the childhood memories of the locals. In addition, incorporating elements of the phoenix tree and cedar, which are symbols of Qingdao, the surrounding scenery and the hanging paintings transform this area into a public art gallery. This helps people unwind and calm their emotions while also enhancing their aesthetic and perceptual awareness of art.

The water-shaped sculpture is positioned in the coffee-themed water bar, fostering a cosy and artistic environment. The discussion area is decorated with Qingdao’s most representative heritage protection buildings, including the Flower Stone Building, Old German Police Station, Qingdao Railway Station, Christ Church, etc., which improves visitors’ spatial identities and passes on Qingdao’s cultural heritage. As light and shadow rush in, the window blinds blur the spatial layout and provide a hazy beauty to the room. Besides, people can take pleasure in the ease and tranquility of life by reading a book or sipping tea. And kids can play happily in the playground that is ornamented with vividly colored plants and animals.

With model exhibition and video presentation, the craftsmanship theater showcases the materials and techniques used in model rooms and delivery standards. A pure aura is created by simplifying lighting, materials, and colors while the rhythm of motion is well-balanced due to its organized structure.

Thanks to these efforts, the project has been transformed into a creative social place that combines art, history, commerce, and humanity based on Qingdao’s history and the needs of people.

Project Details

Cindy Jin

Project Name
Qingdao CR Land · Yuefu Sales Center

World Design Awards Category
Retail Interior

Project Location
Qingdao, China

Cindy Jin, Rong Fan, Chao Wang


Photography ©Credit
©One Thousand Degrees Vision

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