Ribeirão Preto Residence | Perkins&Will | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Perkins&Will: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Located in São Paulo’s countryside, Ribeirão Preto Residence was designed to house a young couple and their two children. 

Perkins&Will’s studio in São Paulo took the challenge of building a one-story house, as requested by the residents, on an accentuated sloped terrain. The architects divided the program in two volumes, placing them in an L-shaped layout. The first block holds the main entrance and is destined to the social areas.

Placed in the terrain’s highest portion, the first volume acts as a shield to the second one, located at the lot’s lower section and designated to the private uses, creating an even more private ambiance. The distribution also allows access to the gardens by every room in the house, providing a full nature-connected experience, and improved insulation and ventilation in all areas.

Raw concrete, warm wood, metallic structures, and glass combined to a lush green landscape create the project’s modern, yet welcoming design. Transparency in the glass walls and the presence of a natural material such as wood increase the constant contact with nature. To complete the biophilic experience the designers added a green roof on top of the second volume. The detail also improves thermal, an important matter since the local weather is quite warm.

Finally, an overhanging structure pool was placed over the declivity, completing the view from both volumes.

Project Details

Project Name
Ribeirão Preto Residence


International Residential Architecture Awards Category
House Design Built

Project Location
Ribeirão Preto

Fernando Vidal, Julia Paoliello, Natália Martins, Fred Zara, Flavia Henriques e Rodrigo Gianoni


Photography ©Credit
©Leonardo Finotti

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