SAFRA Choa Chu Kang | DP Architects Pte Ltd | World Design Awards 2023

DP Architects Pte Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. SAFRA is a national service association that aims to enhance camaraderie and boost morale among National Servicemen. The architecture of SAFRA CCK expresses itself with exuberant, distinctive forms that recall and inspire fitness — from bold, super-scaled trusses, to precast pigmented concrete bulwark frontage symbolizing unity and strength.

This palette is carried through to the interior architecture where it not only exemplifies the clever use of cost-efficient materials but also captures the essence of community spaces.

Our approach focuses on expressing materiality, texture, hue, and finish in a way that fosters a sense of purpose. We intentionally steer clear of opulence, opting instead for an interior that resonates with the values of unity and inclusivity.

The curation is rooted in the thoughtful selection and creative utilization of cost-efficient materials. We embrace the inherent beauty and character of these materials, letting their textures and tactile qualities shine. From exposed brickwork that tells the story of resilience to wood surfaces that emanate warmth and history, every material choice is a testament to resourcefulness and sustainability.

Embarking on a journey to create interior spaces that seamlessly integrates sustainable principles with a captivating aesthetic, our project explores the harmonious fusion of naturally ventilated semi-open spaces, abundant greenery, streamlined linearity, and a carefully chosen palette of muted tones to breathe life into a clubhouse that epitomizes eco-conscious lifestyle.

Project Details
DP Architects Pte Ltd

DP Architects Pte Ltd

Project Name
SAFRA Choa Chu Kang

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Interior Built

Project Location

Ng San Son, Tan Kok Ming, Jireh Lee, Nigel Chew


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©Andrew Lee, DP Architects

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