Sanxia conservation institute | Chongqing Yuandao Architecture Co. Ltd. | World Design Awards 2022

Chongqing Yuandao Architecture Co. Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Sanxia conservation institute is located in No. 1 Danlu Road, Nanan District, Chongqing. The planned construction covers a total land area of 8,372 square meters, with a total construction area of 17,961.79 square meters. The building has one underground floor and four floors on the ground, with a total height of 23.5 meters.

Design based on interpretation of “two rivers and intersection, gorge” concept, will be building, streamline, create a canyon, internal freely crisscross, space is rich and changeful, under the principle of “potential” up to the mountain, to the best of minimizing damage to the original topography, geomorphology, reasonably use and retrofit terrain, buildings conform to the contour line layout, reasonable use of ground elevation difference for building layout design, And create a square platform and transportation system in line with their own site factors.

The negative one is the three Gorges unearthed cultural relics newly added cultural relics warehouse, garage and equipment room; The first floor is the exhibition hall, education room, risk control center and logistics management room; The first mezzanine is used for education and support; The second floor is repair room, training and education room (external), office hall and logistics management room; The third floor is the academic lecture hall and laboratory; The fourth floor is the administrative and educational office area; The fifth floor is a roof garden.

Project Details
Chongqing Yuandao Architecture Co. Ltd.

Luo bin

Project Name
Sanxia conservation institute

World Design Awards Category
Architecture – Office Building & Corporate Built

Project Location
Chongqing, China

Luo Bin, Lan Jing, Li Juan, Xu Wei, Tan Yi, Yu Jiaqi, Lai Zhisheng, Zhou Jian, Zhang Yong, Mu Weijie, Zhang Jian, Qiao Sen, Liu Chao


Photography ©Credit
©Triangular Prism, Luo Bin, Nan’an Cultural Tourism (part of the picture provided)

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