SCE · Funworld Sales Center, Hefei | Interior decoration design: F.G STUDIO | World Design Awards 2022

Interior decoration design: F.G STUDIO: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The project is located in Hefei, Anhui province. Local Hui-style architecture is a perfect unity of cultural context and nature as it combines the essence of mountains and rivers as well as the quintessence of traditional culture.

As approaching this project, the designers extracted the humanistic elements and aesthetic characteristics of Hui-style architecture and meanwhile incorporated modern minimalism, thereby creating a space that integrates traditional and modern charm.


Grey bricks, dark blue tiles and jumping horse

The reception foyer is finished in simple tones, and lines of different sizes intersect, outlining a progressive rhythm of the spatial scene. The front desk draws inspiration from Hui-style architecture. Textures of the desk are like eroded dark blue tiles over time, and the color alteration resembles ink painting, reminding people of the soft and misty rain in South China.

Thousands of lines fall down, forming a steed-like art installation, which is combined with lighting design. The “steed”, transparent and blend with the wall, looks like it is about to prance and neigh. This visual highlight makes the space more dynamic.

The property models area extends the color alteration elements, with undulating but neat squares above it. Through the overlapping lighting and soft color, visitors seem to be able to glimpse rows of quadrangle houses in Huizhou.

The minimalist tones of the wall and the floor echo the lines, which creates a harmonious symphony together with the lighting design of the property models area. 


Oriental hues & refreshing greenery

The lighting design of the water bar is unique. Transparent crystal balls reflect the whole space, like micro landscapes hanging in the air.

The symmetrically placed art installations silently narrate Southern China’s civilization.

The whole reception area is set in a simple but elegant tone. Large glass curtain walls bring in ample daylight and improve the transparency of the space. Textures and forms of furnishings fit well with the space, creating a bright and light atmosphere.

In addition to extracting the traditional colors of Hui-style architecture, the designers also add Oriental hues into it, creating a clam, elegant yet luxurious spatial ambience. The miniature screens of similar tone seem to have enclosed a delicate courtyard around the corner.

High and low scattered plants and floral art make space vigorous.

Landscape painting, ceramic utensils and art installation of ancient scrolls bring about elegance and poetry. 

Between branches and green leaves, the art installation of a white horse looking back not only echoes the characteristics of “Horse-head Wall” of Hui-style architecture, but also echoes the Chinese name of the property developer, which is pronounced as “Zhong Jun” and “Jun” in language has a meaning of “horse”.


Artistic red and gold painting

The line and arc elements in the VIP negotiation area are interwoven with one another, creating the visual focus of diamond shape. The modern minimalist atmosphere is shown naturally.

The floor lamps are crystal with two ends being linked to the wall, generating a warm and cozy atmosphere. A large eye-catching painting unfolds on the wall, reminding visitors of the traditional red palace walls and old times. The contrast of colors and subtle arrangement of decorations leave enough space for imagination and emotions.

“Gray bricks, little tiles, Horse-head Wall, twisting corridors and hollow-out patterned windows” are the humanistic charm of local Hui-style architecture, while well-organized, neat and precise minimalism reveals modern aesthetics. This project combines the both, creating a new spiritual symbol in Hefei.

Project Details
Interior decoration design: F.G STUDIO

Interior decoration design: F.G STUDIO

Project Name
SCE · Funworld Sales Center, Hefei

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Office Interior Built

Project Location
Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Interior decoration design: F.G STUDIO


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