School as a border | Masoud Abedimoghadam | International Architecture Awards 2019

School as a border is a title which has been selected for a project that tries to define a new concept for the school. The traditional approach in designing the schools creates some spaces that are purely separated from each other, and there is no integration between them. So, this proposal seeks a new relationship between the school, farm, and animal area. As a result, the school has been considered as a border between the farm and the animal area. In fact, the school acts as a bridge to fade the borders between different realms.

The entire site has been divided into three main layers, and school has been located between the farm and the animal area. Indeed, the schools would create a constant integration between three zones, and provide an opportunity for every student to learn in every spot. The main approach for locating the buildings mimics the local architecture of the country in a similar shape to a small village. All the classes and buildings have been oriented in different directions, clustering around a communal outdoor space which provides innumerable in-between and outdoor spaces with various views.

Architect: Masoud Abedimoghadam
2nd Award – Category: Institutional
Project Location: Malawi
Project Team: Negar Nikravan, Mohammadali Banihashemi
Country: Iran