Seeking Deer | Kris Lin International Design | World Design Awards 2021

Kris Lin International Design: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. This case is located in the bustling area of ​​central Shanghai. Since the 1990s, together with Xujiahui, it has been the two major urban sub-centers, adjacent to the commercial center of Jing’an Temple. At the same time, relying on the natural landscape of Zhongshan Park, it is a key planning and development area in Shanghai. The designers intend to combine art, and ecology into modern space, so as to create a reception center with a vibrant and artistic atmosphere. The project is divided into two floors, the first floor is the hall display area and the conversation area, and the second floor is the VIP reception and office area.

Showcase-visual connection, breaking boundaries

The conversation area on the first floor is a two-story empty space. The visual perception is the basis of the space experience. The designers break the definition of the space on the second floor with a large-scale floor-to-ceiling window, and break the dullness of the original solid wall with pure methods. And through the contrast between the virtual and the solid produced by the glass material, it forms an ethereal and vivid space beauty, achieves a visual connection, and forms a display center with a “contemporary art museum” experience.

Deer Hunting-Space Dialogue

A 6-meter-long art installation, “Deer of Life”, is set up in the second-floor window area. Guests can appreciate this mysterious “deer” through the window on the first floor. In the process of “seeking the deer”, the effects of interspersed scenery are produced visually, and different scenes will be presented if one goes further steps, so as to achieve space-to-space communication and dialogue between people and space.

Deer of Life-Installation Art

Art, nature, and ecology are the design concepts of this case. The emergence of “deer” heralds beauty and hope, a spirited deer symbolizing beauty leaping and running, long antlers turning into branches of hope, and metal sense on flying butterfly feels like a blooming flower of life. Through the presentation of this artistic installation, it hopes to express the concepts of art, nature and ecology.

Project Details
Kris Lin International Design

Project Name
Seeking Deer

Kris Lin

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Built

Project Location

Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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