Seven Sages | Shanghai Yuefantang Decoration Design | World Design Awards 2022

Shanghai Yuefantang Decoration Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Anyang IFC was named “seven sages”, which is a tribute and yearning to the Seven Sages in the bamboo forest in the Wei and Jin Dynasties of China. Designers also pursue an elegant and poetic style in the construction and aesthetics of space.

The silver corrugated stainless steel plate on the top echoes with the golden stainless steel, just like the golden waves.

The theme color of the negotiation area is black, white and gray, decorated with gold, which is concise, simple, transparent, elegant and comfortable. It flows in the lines and gaps of the space. The combined sofa with a sense of line not only meets the comfort of vision and feeling, but also meets the needs of flexible use of site performance.

While creating poetry, the space is also endowed with a sense of architectural sculpture. The circular device is placed under the stairs with the stainless steel stairs, forming a force of mutual penetration, exploring the resonance outside the material in sensibility and rationality, changing scenery step by step。

Project Details
Shanghai Yuefantang Decoration Design

Zhang Yong

Project Name
Seven Sages

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location

Shi Jianlei & Liu Junqiange


Photography ©Credit
©Geng Xushan

The main creators of Shanghai Yuefantang Decoration Design Co., Ltd. have worked in well-known domestic design institutions for more than ten years. Based in Shanghai and Zhengzhou, they serve the whole country. The service scope covers business, hotels, clubs, offices, high-end private houses and real estate model houses, sales centers and its supporting facilities, the project involves major domestic cities and has long-term stable and good cooperative relations with domestic large-scale commercial and real estate development institutions.