Shanghai ITG Grand Mansion | Shanghai POWER5 Landscape Technology Co. Ltd | World Design Awards 2023

Shanghai POWER5 Landscape Technology Co. Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. This project is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai Municipality. It is close to a mountain and surrounded by a water system. We hope to connect the natural water vein with the city’s connotations and express them artistically. From interpreting the site’s functions to the life atmosphere conveyed by microscopic details, everything is well-connected on the site.

The water feature at the entrance is elevated to create a floating feel. The passage is paved with glass bricks to create an artistic showcase. These glass bricks allow light to pass, creating a hazy and transparent feel. The space under the forest creates a natural, tranquil feel based on light, which seems pure and clean. Trees are also important ornamental elements. The design is supported by transparent arbor trees. When viewed through the indoor glass curtain wall, the landscape becomes a sculpture to be appreciated.

The site’s overall terrain is flat and has a compact space. We hope to fold our expectations for a beautiful life into this small space, so that they seem more dynamic and exquisite in the simple and pure space. At the same time, the design aims not to showcase the outdoor landscape that clearly but relies more on the architecture’s form expression and the integration of indoor relationships. It blurs the professional definitions to bring visitors a smooth and seamless experience.

Project Details
Shanghai POWER5 Landscape Technology Co. Ltd

Chen Yongbin

Project Name
Shanghai ITG Grand Mansion

World Design Awards Category
Public Landscape Design Built

Project Location

Chen Yongbin, Yu Sheng, An Qiuhui, Kuang Wenpan, Gu Ling, Zhang Weiwei


Photography ©Credit
©Ren Yue