Shuikou Mountain Workers Movement Memorial Museum | Yang Ying Design Studio | World Design Awards 2022

Yang Ying Design Studio: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The workers’ movement is a powerful driving force for social revolution all over the world. Shuikou mountain workers’ movement is a major workers’ movement event in Shuikou mountain mine, Hengyang, China in the 1920s. It was the great beginning of the joint revolution of workers and peasants to promote China’s social progress. 

The project is located in a mountainous area of Shuikou mountain town. Taking the landscape characteristics of the highlands and lowlands, and combing them with the rich heritage of this site, allows the historical events to be captured and conveyed through dynamic spatial association.

The form of the building is part embedded within the landscape, extending above ground level to create a solid mass that has been split apart. This division creates a dynamic juxtaposition of tension and resolve, as cracks and crevices reveal more tranquil inner spaces. A sense of power both within and beyond that has forced this moment of division becomes captured in time. 

The circulation path within the space echoes the “mine path” allowing people to explore and experience without immediate constraint. Given time and space to reflect upon its historical context and feel a spiritual connection with this setting.History is thus reflected upon, and an emotional empathy established as form and space create experience and understanding.

The final design seeing a reverence between the architecture and the visitors to this unique place, as memories become awakened by meaning embedded within form, texture and space.In conclusion the form and language look to capture history and reality, holding space and time in balance. By experiencing this subtle counterpoint, individuals become both informed and inspired.

Project Details
Yang Ying Design Studio

Yang Ying

Project Name
Shuikou Mountain Workers Movement Memorial Museum

World Design Awards Category
Cultural and Heritage Built

Project Location
HengYang, Hunan, China

Project Team   
Yang Ying Design Studio


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©Yang Ying Design Studio

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