Snail Bay || Kris Lin International Design || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

Kris Lin International Design: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The project is located in Kunming, where the seasons are spring all the year round. The annual temperature is 18-25 ° C, and the flowers of the four seasons are beautiful. Therefore, it is also known as “Flower City” and “Spring City”. It is one of the most habitable cities in China.

Reuse of old buildings

This case is the reconstruction and reuse of old buildings in Luoshi Bay. The Luoshi Bay Center is a government-led urban renewal project that was upgraded on the original site of Old Luoshi Bay. The city exhibition hall is designed to show the future development of Luoyshi Bay area.

Integration of indoor and outdoor

The project base is adjacent to Central Lake Park and has excellent natural landscape resources. Designers carried out a four-dimensional integrated design from architecture, landscape, interior to soft decoration.


Space is the essence of architecture. The designers’ strategy is to remove the external wall, dig its internal spatial memory and value, and endow it with proper temperament, while preserving its structure and spatial pattern. Under the requisite of maintaining the architecture function, a large-area glass curtain wall is used on the side facing the natural landscape, which makes the indoor space vision completely open.


The lake water is introduced into the building, and the regular pool and the natural lake surface form the visual effect of overlapping. The corridor connects the indoor and outdoor space, and at the same time breaks the monotonous water surface space, which enriches the landscape level of the pool. The openness and naturalness of the space create a flow between indoor and outdoor.


The interior space begins with the dialogue between light and shadow. The light and shadow pass through the glass curtain wall, reflect the actual landscape on water surface and brings more spirituality. The large steps of the staircase are full of the beauty of rhythm. The sunlight sprinkles on the wall, creating a three-dimensionally changing visual experience. At this moment, “person” as the protagonist here, becomes part of the spatial composition between back and forth.


With the modern oriental theme combined with the natural charm brought by the accumulation of local culture, on the basis of meeting the basic functional requirements, every detail has unreservedly displayed a very high level of art. The use of high-quality wooden finishes, high-grade leather and transparent crystals, exquisite metal, etc., create a distinguished quality of low-key luxury.

Firm || Kris Lin International Design
Project Name || Snail Bay
Architect || Kris Lin
Architect of the Year Award Category || Institutional Building Built

Project Location || Kunming
Team || Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang
Country || China
Photography ©Credit || ©Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin International DesignIn Shanghai, so far, KLID has been 17 years, Our company can take “architectural design” “interior design” landscape” and “soft outfit design and soft outfit” four integrated design firm, adhering to the “KLID” design philosophy, the pursuit of design works, and always keep a special style of building, landscape, interior by KRIS LIN of director personally, soft outfit by the JIAYU YANG director personally. See the world with an open mind and bring millions of ideas with a new vision. Every observant person adheres to this objective and creates more amazing works. The next work will be better.