SUNAC Chunhuajin Residential Community | SUNAC CHINA SOUTHWEST GROUP | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

SUNAC CHINA SOUTHWEST GROUP: Second Award of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. The community takes traditional Chinese art and aesthetics as the core of living culture – the “Sky Wing” of traditional architectural abstract mortise and tenon structure as the carrier, and at the same time combines with modern architectural expression to show the poetic simplicity of beauty with oriental flavor, reflecting the elegant quality of “sympathetic culture, simple art, and natural harmony”.

The community extracts the poetic meaning of “the way of a gentleman, light but not boring, simple but literary, warm but rational”, and creates a charming work of harmonious growth of nature and artificial construction through internal gardening, laying out the oriental ritual order, and the ritual order of nine wide openings of the gate, layer by layer.

 The building form is a simple contrast of curved and straight, forming stability and balance in the conflict. The building form is like the wings of the sky with wings open to take off and soar. Based on the continuation of the oriental architectural aesthetics, the building adopts modern and refined design techniques, traces the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, sculpts the façade aesthetics, and constructs an elegant and artistic visual aesthetic experience to shape the façade image of contemporary architecture. The gentle and restrained horizontal lines follow the genes of the world’s TOP-class residential buildings, and the horizontal lines adopt exquisite 10° curves to construct a streamlined façade with a sense of modern art.

The entrance gate is custom-designed and adopts a scheme that continues the “sky wing” element of the entire residence, with “crafting” as the cultural core. We take the responsibility of inheriting culture and meeting the needs of customers. We customize the exclusive symbols around our customers. The amber-gold stainless steel shows the quality of the luxury house, and the integrated design of the door handle and the whole door frame is unique, showing the sense of dignity of the entrance. The concept of crescent joists and sky wings are presented in the architectural form by technical means, and the space of unified dynamic flow between inside and outside is explored with the help of the rigorous combination of the natural environment and artificial system, which updates our experience of space

Project Details

Project Name
SUNAC Chunhuajin Residential Community


International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Design Concept

Project Location
Yubei District, Chongqing City



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