Suzhou Yunyue Tianjing Model Space | Nicky Luo Time Creation Group | World Design Awards 2022

Nicky Luo Time Creation Group: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. “The warbler at the mouth of the oriole lane wants to speak, and the ice at the head of the magpie river wants to disappear. Green waves of water from east to west, north to south, and red fences of three hundred and ninety bridges.” Suzhou has been prosperous and long lasting since ancient times, and Bai Juyi’s “Idle Journey on the Third Day of March” describes the unique landscape of Suzhou city with many water and bridges. The red columns and green waves interact with each other, and at night when the lanterns are on, the shadows of the people are more than a few, and the melodious kunqu opera stretches into the ears, a moving picture is touching.

This case starts from the characteristics of Suzhou’s natural and humanistic blend since ancient times, and uses modern Chinese design techniques to explore the cultural lineage of Suzhou and inherit the elegant humanistic temperament. Through the outline of water waves, greenery and light, the mutual integration of kunqu, brush and ink and traditional painting, the project is able to shape a humanistic residence that can break the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and return to the basics of nature, so that people can be quiet in the heart and stand in the chaos, and people in it are like swimming in a painting.

Project Details
Nicky Luo Time Creation Group

Nicky Luo

Project Name
Suzhou Yunyue Tianjing Model Space

World Design Awards Category
Residential Interior Built 

Project Location
Suzhou City

Nicky Luo Time Creation Group


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©Nicky Luo Time Creation Group

Mr. Luo Zhong Yi is a senior designer with international registration. He has 20 years of design experience with first-tier real estate product planning and market sense. He has designed and coordinated hundreds of successful real estate showcase, commercial and hotel projects. His earliest real estate achievements began with the design of model houses for the year’s benchmark property Best Garden II and Champs Elysees Garden, Vanke Seventeen Mile Villa, etc.; in 2002, he designed the first green model house for the Shenzhen Spring Fair, Green House, etc.