White House Redesign | John A Simonetti Architect LLC | World Design Awards 2022

John A Simonetti Architect LLC: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The main idea is to build on the concept of the original historic structure: made up of four levels, a lower level, a main level, a second floor, and a third floor.  The Design will have a Main Residence, an East Wing, and a West Wing.  In the main house the historic rooms will be recreated on all levels with additional rooms added.  The East Wing will still greet visitors with an expanded space for the first lady to conduct events on the second floor.  In the West Wing the Oval office will take center stage.  And there will also be a visitor area introduced.  Many materials will be reused from the original home including the stone on the original exterior.  The Rose and Kennedy Garden will also be expanded.

Project Details
John A Simonetti Architect LLC

John A Simonetti

Project Name
White House Redesign

World Design Awards Category
Institutional Building Concept

Project Location
Washington, D.C.

John A Simonetti Architect LLC

United States

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John A Simonetti AIA LEED Green Associate GREEN SRES is a registered Architect in RI, MA, CT, FL, and PA. John runs his own Architecture firm, John A Simonetti Architect LLC which specializes in Sustainable Green design.  John has been practicing Architecture since 1992, and obtained a Masters and Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He also runs two non profits that he founded teaching underprivileged children about Architecture and creating Mural Painting, the National Architectural Engineering Sustainable Urban Youth Initiative Inc., and MetroArts for Young Artists-Rhode Island MetroArts Inc.  John has received citizen citations from the Mayor of Central Falls and Providence for his work with the students. John is also an avid photographer, an artist, and a philanthropist.