Szyfoniera by B&B Design | World Design Awards 2020

B&B Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. Szyfoniera is a small free-standing commode, inspired by a furniture with a function which has disappeared over the years. The purpose of it, was to store feminine accessories. Given project is our suggestion of a furniture with similar characteristics but in modern scheme. The main base is made of veneer that contains four solid wood drawers which interior is finished in leather. The leg attached to the back is also made of pure wood. Everything is supported with glass structure that gives the impression of lightness and it is almost invisible. It was achieved by using  colorless opti-white glass connected to the body with light steel elements.


Firm: B&B Design
Designer: Marek Błażucki
Category: Product Design & Interior Design Elements Built
Project Location: Krakow
Team: Marek Błażucki

Country: Poland
Photography ©Credit: B&B Design

The design studio B&B Design, founded by interior designer Marek Błażucki, deals with the comprehensive design of residential interiors and public spaces, as well as furniture design. Marek Błażucki works as a professor at the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (PL) where he teaches designing and acts as the Head of the Department of furniture design. In 2019, he set off his brand Bozzetti, of which he is the main designer. Bozzetti offers a constantly developing and growing collection of furniture with various functions. Its designs, through additional functionalities and the possibility of customization, allow greater freedom of use.