Tagen One Bay | Gnd N+ Design | IRA Awards 2023

Gnd N+ Design: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Embrace the bay and hold the world, hide in the mountains and sea and embrace the prosperity

The Greater Bay Area leads innovation, gathers radiation, and has become a leader in driving global economic development and leading technological changes. It has always been regarded as synonymous with scarcity and the most proud urban wealth. Tagen One Bay is located in the Guiwan CBD of Qianhai, a high-value highland in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It uses rare natural landscape resources to build urban spire residences and upgrade the imagination of a better life.

Gnd N+ Design is responsible for the decoration design of the model house.

The design is based on the unique urban genes of the region, exploring the dynamic relationship between people and nature, humanity, and space, creating a lively and quiet high-quality private field between the mountains and the sea, creating a natural and free artistic conception, and creating a connected The world’s Bay Area aesthetic is more suitable for the home of contemporary urban elite families.

It is the designer’s goal to discover beauty and express it with symbolism.

House Type 01

A New Presentation of Artistic Conception and Beauty

The design of this case injects the aesthetic taste, personality and artistic choices of the contemporary elite. It uses a delicate touch to express the simple beauty of oriental charm, and cooperates with the calm interior color to interpret low-key elegance and reflect the quality and personality of human life.

Living RoomIt is laid out in warm gray to create an elegant and soft natural space. High-end and delicate fabrics and materials combined with clean and minimalist lines quietly and elegantly create a light and comfortable living atmosphere.

Based on the artistic perspective of design, especially the relationship between traditional craftsmanship and modern design, we chose to display the most authentic texture of the material. Patterned curtains, leather horse hair, Promis gold natural luxury stone, leather sofas, lacquer art crafts, petrified wood and other materials are arranged and combined. The subtle textures make stability and lightness complement each other, creating a unique layering and visual experience, giving the space an art museum-like temperament.

The house type 01 is committed to creating a warm residence where rationality and sensibility coexist, showing the most authentic living conditions of the residents in the residence. In the fast-paced urban life, a zero-burden, fresh and pleasant living environment can cultivate a corner to calm your mind and body, so as to achieve the most ideal state of life.

Project Details
Gnd N+ Design

Ning Rui

Project Name
Tagen One Bay

Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Design Director: Ning Rui


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