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Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The Best Time Exhibition Hall, located in Chaoqing plate (from Chaoyang Road in the south to Yaojiayuan Road in the north) with a strong business atmosphere, is one of the gathering places for stylish youth in Beijing. Blending “city and nature”, and “life and distance” perfectly, it is designed to create an innovative space that integrates social communication, coffee, cultural and creative industries, and outdoor camping. Every young man who steps into it can find their “aspirational life”.

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Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

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Commercial Interior Built

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Beijing, China

Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd


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Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

INSIDE DESIGN in 2006,Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd. is a design company with rich experience, enterprising spirit, design ability, execution ability and innovative spirit. The company takes high-quality professional qualified personnel as its basic framework, and strives to provide customers with professional and diversified services. Over the past ten years, we have successfully completed all kinds of design works, including space design and soft-fitting design services such as sales offices, model rooms, clubs, businesses and offices, and will continue to explore new frontiers in the field of design.