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Fujian Reddy Design Co., LTD: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. Fingerprint Technology is located in Xiamen, its industry attributes to provide customized industry chain service platform. This platform cooperates with a number of Amazon merchants, and the direction is diversified customization, such as the customization of a series of patterns and colors such as corporate T-shirts and water cups.

Fingerprints are a metaphor for convenience, meant to make each partner’s needs easier and faster.In terms of space scale, the entire office space serves about 100 employees. Taking function as the starting point, we have divided several main functional layouts, such as comprehensive office area, employee leisure area, sample room, meeting room and manager’s office.In the enterprise characteristics of fingerprint technology, we deeply explore the platform value of “respecting everyone’s creativity and turning the impossible into the possible”. From the beginning of entering the space, we continuously implant such points in the design with materials, colors and spatial modeling, etc., to convey the enterprise value in the spatial experience.The heart course of our design lies in the spirit of the whole brand as the core.On the one hand, the emotional experience conveyed to employees is achieved in a more humane and efficient atmosphere. On the other hand, it is to give visitors or customers experience, guide the senses by visual sense, and finally convey the company’s brand culture.In terms of the overall style, based on the high efficiency of the office, the space takes the concise partition and smooth moving line as the functional basis point, and integrates more clever thinking in the creativity, creating a sense of rhythm and artistic aesthetics in the simplicity.In terms of the overall color, a large area of white as the background color, the main color of brand recognition interspersed into the space, expressing the brand as the origin, in the blank artistic conception, can meet all kinds of unlimited imagination, and reach the ultimate goal of brand service.On geographical position, this one office faces the sea, this one characteristic is applied by stylist more in recreational space, dark blue is the echo of natural advantage to seaside, the eyeball interest of sculpture, promoted the grade of the space instantly more. The ritual feel of the entrance is a welcome ritual that sets the tone for the entire brand. White, which is simple and open, means anything is possible. It implies that based on white, we can offer all possibilities from colorless to colorless. Irregular wave shape, with white paper overlay as the intention, in the form of reflection, and irregular stainless steel roof to produce a link relationship. All the starting point, is not only has the industry attributes, but also creative aesthetic art, virtual and real combination, throughout. On the basis of aesthetics, brand attributes and spiritual expression are the deeper logic. Based on this thinking, we represent the abstract pattern of a fingerprint in the form of an intention. The concave irregular circle, like a fingerprint, is more like an eye, while the raised origin is a metaphor for the image of the pupil, viewing the world with the eye and perceiving the profusion of color with the eye…According to the attributes of the brand, it tends to be full of the characteristics of efficiency and convenience, so we integrate lightness, sense of technology and sense of personality into it. The round negotiation is personalized design, but also the unique private function, to meet the private territory of every moment. The ingenuity of transparent material, the ingenuity of fresh air and exhaust ensure the transparent look and feel and experience.

Project Details
Fujian Reddy Design Co., LTD

Project Name
The Fingerprint Technology

Shubin Lin

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Interior Built

Project Location
Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Shubin Lin


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©Rongkun Chen