The Mansion Oriental | T.K. Chu Design | World Design Awards 2022

T.K. Chu Design: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Designed by T.K. Chu Design, the Mansion Oriental is located on the Qinhuai River, which is well-known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. With an area of 498 sqm, the villa is a high-end real estate project in the CBD of Nanjing, whose features of living should be emphasized. Besides, it’s also a cultural demonstration zone including hotels, businesses, offices and ecological parks, seeking to bring in international luxury brands in the future. As a response to the context, the designer chooses to focus on the art as a starting point, creating an interior space integrating natural landscapes with fashion.

Project Details
T.K. Chu Design

T.K. Chu

Project Name
The Mansion Oriental

World Design Awards Category
Residential Interior Built 

Project Location
Nanjing City

T.K. Chu, Chin-Hsu Jiang, Huei-Chun Chen, Wei-Hsin Lin, Yu-Gu Chang, Tiff Tsai, Shu-yun Bai, Pei-Ju Tu, Jin-Ying Liu, Yen-Chen Lin


Photography ©Credit
©T.K. Chu Design

The design studio is co-founded by T.K. Chu and Jeffery Yuan, with less than 100 employees. T.K. Chu Design fosters a highly creative, collaborative work environment at each of its 3 headquarters in Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai, constantly infusing various teams with developing young design talents. Under the cooperation of the creative center, management center and furniture center, the firm has set “create gorgeous beauty and enhance the brand influence of clients” as one of its primary goals.