The Vibes Co-space | Infinitive Architecture | Architect of the Year Awards 2021

Infinitive Architecture: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2021. The Vibes is a bioclimatic office building with a diversity of open spaces and greeneries, enough to create a tranquil and peaceful resort vibe right in an urban area. However, being located on a narrow residential street is a weakness that requires an adaptation from a dwelling neighborhood into a working vibe.

From this context, we proposed a multi-zoning masterplan with the main elevation of the building located on the inside. Therefore, the approach to the lobby is a transition of many different space enclosures: the buffer front garden, the umbrageous entranceway, and the central garden.

We also organize indoor public spaces in an airy combination that is entirely naturally ventilated. This transitional space planning creates gradual adaptation for the temperature to remain comfortable between adjacent places. On top of that, the bamboo sunshade skin of the building reduces most of the thermal radiation on the glass facades of the office areas, which helps minimize operational energy consumption.

The provision of a sizeable reflective water feature and a system of shady open-air areas on many floor levels positively contributes to the microclimate improvement of the outdoor spaces under the heat of the south Vietnam sun.

The outdoor atmosphere is embedded with the sounds coming from the performance of the percussion balls integrated into every internode of the bamboo skin. This mechanism is similar to a Vietnamese traditional musical instrument called T’rưng or the westerner’s Vibraphone. The interactive vibration sounds of 20 – 30 decibels in light breezes bring tranquility to the open spaces. This implementation is an experiment in having architecture perform in other manners: motion and sound.

The diversity of open spaces in different directions and levels allows people to access the open air easily. It implies the idea of encouraging outdoor activities for people working in the building.

Project Details
Infinitive Architecture

Project Name
The Vibes Co-space

Ha Hong Linh

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Office Building Built

Project Location
Ho Chi Minh

Nguyen Quang Hien, Tran Kim Ngan, Ha Hong Linh, Nguyen Vinh Hoang, Nguyen Tuan Hoang, Pham Do Dang Khoa, Doan Minh Phuc, Le Dinh Nguyen Vu, Nguyen Van Thai Nhat, Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuong, Nguyen Trong Nhan, Nguyen Truong Nguyen, Le Dinh Hung


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