Tianheng Bay View Duplex Home | YORO DESIGN | IRA Awards 2023

YORO DESIGN: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. The project, a first-class sea view home with an area of 190 square meters, is located at the tip of the Tangjia Peninsula in Zhuhai, China.

The designers have integrated the interior, the landscape with the building, emphasizing a state of unity in which man and nature coexist in harmony.

In the living room, the large floor-to-ceiling windows connect the interior with the sea, offering a stunning ocean view. The chandelier, in the shape of ginkgo leaves, exudes elegance between free stretches. The carpet, which resembles sea waves, collides with soft sunshine and spreads warmth. On the wooden wall, the art painting “Tree of Life” radiates its unique vitality.

The area has become more flexible thanks to the integrated kitchen-dining design, which also visually enhances the sense of spatial extension. And the family can interact more while cooking, with the outdoor balcony linked to bring fresh air and laughter.

The master bedroom, with its separate large balcony, conveys oriental charm and is furnished with textured, high-quality materials. This gives the room a tranquil and cosy vibe. The passion is carried in the kid’s room, where art meets spiritual delight. Paintings, hand embroidery, sutras, and other items are used to decorate the senior’s room, creating a comfortable setting to soothe and nourish their hearts. The study, with its natural wood pattern, is infused with simplicity and serenity. Warm objects like books, handicrafts and collections capture life’s great moments.

A 30㎡courtyard is the project’s best feature. Residents can take pleasure in the natural surroundings and landscape even at home. How enjoyable it is to spend time with your friends and family, enjoying the sea breeze and hearing the sound of waves against the starry night sky!

Project Details

Ziyan Wang

Project Name
Tianheng Bay View Duplex Home

Private Residential Interior Built

Project Location



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©Yanming Studio

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