Tianjin Longfor Origin | VARCH DESIGN | Architect of the Year Awards 2022

VARCH DESIGN: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2022. We extracted images such as “ships and arks” and inserted them into them. Taking “cruise ships set sail in the green valley and forest sea” as the spatial clue, we redefine the city skyline through…

The cities and seas in the north give architects a different inspiration, and we are attracted by the beauty of nature and the spirit of humanity. We tried to find a representative language. A light body floated on a heavy base, and the image of an ark slowly sailing appeared. the façade curve, echoing the port culture of Tianjin’s maritime gateway.

Project Details

Project Name
Tianjin Longfor Origin

Xiaodan Jiang

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Design of The Year

Project Location
Tianjin, China

Xiaodan Jiang,Xiang Huang,Xing Chen,Chengwei He


Photography ©Credit