Tulsa Custom Home | Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design | World Design Awards 2023

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. This contemporary home is truly one of the smartest homes we have taken on. Not only is the automation throughout the house cutting edge, but the design itself is a testament to ecological design. With a marriage of technological advancement and thoughtful interaction with the surroundings, this home could satisfy the most ardent of environmentalists.

This project is sited on a lot that was extremely difficult to work with. In fact, the lot sat vacant for over 40 years because no one else could make it work. However, with a little ingenuity and effort, we were able to find a solution that not only met all of the family’s needs but also was perfectly suited for the property and its topographical challenges.

Featuring 4 bedroom suites on the second floor and an in-law apartment on the ground floor, an open concept floor plan, and amazing views to the front and back, every room was designed to capture the natural surroundings. Large floor-to-ceiling windows adorn the primary suite and living rooms with carefully calculated overhangs to permit light in during the winter months while providing shade in the summer.

The lower level features a home gym, sauna, home office, golf simulator, and a walk-out pool with a hot tub and infinity edge. Geothermal heating keeps the house in a constant state of comfort, and sensors on the roof adjust the color temperature of the interior lighting throughout the course of the day to match the occupants’ circadian rhythms.

Project Details
Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

Thomas Wall

Project Name
Tulsa Custom Home

World Design Awards Category
Private Residential Built

Project Location
Tulsa, OK

Wolff Construction

United States

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©Tony Li

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design Description: Mitchell Wall created Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design in 1976 in response to a growing need in St. Louis for high-end residential design. In 2011, his son Thomas took over the business, which now specializes in commercial architecture, residential architecture, and interior design. Projects are being commissioned all over America today.