Tuzla 3 Residences | EDDA Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

The Project was launched as 3 identical villas, constructed with the aim that all family members live together, based upon a layout plan of Traditional Turkish Houses. The houses are planned to include a separate guest floor to conveniently accommodate the guests, in addition to the large number of family members.

According to the plan of the houses, all rooms are positioned in a way that opens to the middle gallery covered with a glass dome. Thanks to this glass dome, this circulation area avails the sunlight to the entire vestibule. The double-return stairs surrounding the circulation area fills the gallery space completely and the 6m chandelier hanging from the dome illuminates this space in the evenings. Each room features bow windows, a characteristic of Turkish Architecture. These architectural motifs take place inside each room as well as on the ceiling and walls surrounding the vestibule.

Characteristically Turkish Architectural motifs are used in every corner of the houses. The houses have an approximate living area of 300 m² on a total area of about 1,000 m², comprising 3 living rooms, 8 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and a WC, 1 prayer room, 1 water-close, 1 Sauna and Turkish Bath, 1 laundry room, 1 storage room and a terrace. Each house has 1 elevator.

Each house has 1 swimming pool. The winter garden situated next to this pool features a comfortable seating area and a fireplace. In addition to the private garden of each house, there is a larger garden and landscape zone that serves all three houses. This area includes a long walking trail, children’s playground, as well as a separate, common winter garden, which can accommodate about 20 people.

As to the floor coverings of the interiors, marble is mainly used in all the circulation areas whereas the rooms have parquet and the prayer room has a carpet floor.

Architects: EDDA Architecture
Winner – Category: Residential Interior
Project Location: Istanbul
Project Team: Eda Tahmaz, Selim Sağlık, Tuğçe Tunç
Country: Turkey