Upward Brewing Company by T I E R | World Design Awards 2020

T I E R: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. Upward Brewing Company is a stand-alone steel frame building with radiant heat & cooled concrete slab foundation.  Inspiration was drawn from the surrounding Catskills natural color  palette and the play of color dynamics found in the Bauhaus design movement.  The dark metal exterior is juxtaposed by warm natural materials that adorn the interior.  Most all the finish millwork was crafted from reclaimed mahogany – the likes of 15-year-old deck from a NJ suburb.  The reverse side of the board was used to show the stains from deck straps fasteners – done at 45 degree to the board.  The mahogany was planked around the perimeter of the large windows to draw the outside inside.  Vibrant glazed tiles are framed by the mahogany and offer large plays of color between the bar, towering indoor fireplace chimney and back bar elevation.   

Vintage furniture from the 1940’s and 1960’s crowd the fireplace and make for a nice lounge next to the bar.  The concrete floor was treated with an acid wash to create a tonal exchange between the pours.  Thick natural canvas tarps drape from the ceiling and line the walls.  This creates and optimal sound dampening.

The main pops of color are custom chandeliers, made from solid teak bathmats and DIY lampshade.  The industrial flower shape casts an orchid silhouette onto the canvas above, and fills the large space with warm consistent light.

Upward Brewing Company sits on 125 private acres of open fields and wooded mountain in the Catskills park.  The beer is brewed from an artesian spring water on the property.

Firm: T I E R
Architect: Christiopher Tierney
Category: Commercial Interior Built

Project Location: Livingston Manor
Team: Christopher Tierney
Country: United States
Photography ©Credit: Art Gray