Paradiso Eco-Resort by Lucas Freire Architecture | World Design Awards 2020

Lucas Freire Architecture: Third Award of World Design Awards 2020. This Eco-Resort is located in Palawan. A gorgeous place in the middle of the Philippine jungle.

Because of that, and to be careful with the impact in the surroundings the Resort is to be fully made out of reclaimed wood.                                                  

Using other local materials and techniques, such as the thatched roof technique, rattan and wicker, for example. It consists in 3 villas (in first phase), a reception building and a lodge for the staff.

The 3 villas are all facing the common swimming pool, that look over the rice fields.

Each villa can accommodate a 3-4 people.

The access is made through the back, having an exit of the Taytay National rode to the private parking lot. The resort is hidden in the middle of heavy vegetation of the wild jungle.

The passages made between the villas and and to cross the whole plot, from reception to the swimming pool, are made by a tasteful wooden path, surrounded by local vegetation, immersing the visitor in the landscape.

The objective is to clash as least as possible with the existing situation in this beautiful site.

All the villas have open air bathrooms. Located in a sub-tropical climate, natural ventilation is essential. And given the high humidity and often precipitation, an outdoor private bathroom is quite an experience.

At night, the nights will confer a special ambience and allow the visitors to enjoy a quite evening by the pool.

Firm: Lucas Freire Architecture
Architects: Pedro Lucas Freire
Category: Hospitality Concept
Project Location: Palawan
Team: Pedro Lucas Freire, Veysi Ozkorkmaz

Country: Belgium
Photography ©Credit: Lucas Freire Architecture

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