Valle Aurelia Railway station Restyling Project by AMAART | World Design Awards 2020

AMAART: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. The Restyling project of the Valle Aurelia Station is part of the overall redevelopment project of the Rome FL3 railway line, which aims to complete an important section of the railway line.

The restyling wants the improvement of the usability and accessibility in the stations and give recognition to the railway infrastructures.

The use of a metal skin to express the industrial language wanted to make the intervention not courtly, but full of the deep meanings related to the search for a new architectural language.

The second facade allows to keep the project closely linked to the theme of the restyling, therefore not going to alter or subtract elements from the existing factory.


Architect: Alessia Maggio
Category: Transportation Built

Project Location: Rome
Team: Alessia Maggio team leader, design team, Silvia Marmiroli, Luca Bertolini, Dario Taffi, Alessio Ricci
Country: Italy
Photography ©Credit: AMAART

Amaart architects was founded in 2013 by Alessia Maggio architect Ph.D. It is a firm that develops interest in finding a unique design language able to express the Inner architectural concept held in the project and expressed by the finished building.

The research of the studio is focused on establishing a method to communicate and develop design theory and the architectural practice near to the final user necessities.

Amaart architects is composed by a young talented team of architect that aim and focus on rising architecture to a point of fusion with the urban context, man and design.