West Half by ODA Architecture | International Residential Architecture Awards 2019

When the services and needs of a neighborhood evolve, the architecture that defines it must progress in tandem. As the world becomes more connected and cities more dynamic, a global approach to development, design, and construction must be employed to tether buildings and residents to local life.

For ODA and the West Half Street site in Washington, DC, this meant an opportunity to create a cohesive architectural vision that links people, places, and events.

The façades at West Half Street are tapestries of activity, reflections of the life surrounding them. The building’s topographical approach allows it to unite with, rather than compete against, nearby Nationals Park, a cultural landmark that, like most, was designed to stand independently. By peeling back the face of West Half Street as it approaches the stadium, the threshold between inside and outside, public and private, is blurred, allowing people and the building to participate with the world beyond their front doors. The lifting of the façade also echoes the gradient of the stadium and fosters a gentle transition between street, residence, and stadium. Youthful, airy, and energetic, the interiors at West Half Street are pockets of excitement themselves, defined by curved elements, minimalistic details, and a few tectonic finishes.

West Half Street promotes a cornerstone of ODA ideology: creating different scales from far view and user end. Firmly positioned in the sightline of Nationals Park, the residential building will be seen on television by over 50 million people each year throughout the Major League Baseball season, which means it must bear an iconic silhouette. Durable and stylish, West Half Street’s residences are primed for the diverse lifestyles that will walk through its doors. Rather than swim upstream to simply stand on its own, the design has embedded itself into the revitalization of Southeast Washington, DC to encourage richer, deeper, more unified experiences for residents, tourists, and stadium-goers.

International Residential Architecture Awards 2019
Third Award – Category: Housing Multi- Family

Architect: Eran Chen
Firm: ODA Architecture

Project Location: Washington DC
Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Côme Ménage, Brian Lee, Emma Pfeiffer, Vi Nguyen, Joshua Wujek, Hayden Shin, Chia-Min Wang, Sunny Fok
Country: United States